uibek was founded by two returning Chinese, Adil and Ann. Adil's father was Uighur and mother was Uzbek, so youngest son Adil is “uibek”. He was born and raised in Xinjiang and was a model student in school, excelling not only in academics but also in sports and other extracurricular activities. While in high school he invented a
robot arm to help Uighur naan bread makers extract naan from barrel-sized ovens without burning themselves. He represented Xinjiang to attend China-wide young innovators' competition and traveled out of Xinjiang for the first time in his life. Later he went onto Tsinghua University as the only Uighur student from Xinjiang that year. 

Ann was born in Tsinghua University to a father who returned from the United States in 1949 to help build a new China. After 30 years, her professor father moved the family back to the US when Ann was 11 years old. Not knowing any English, Ann nevertheless adapted to the US quickly and went onto UC Berkeley for a masters degree in engineering before going back to Tsinghua University to teach and find her roots.

Adil and Ann met in Tsinghua in 1991 and became friends. For the next 15 years, while Adil went to Turkey, Europe and later the US to study (at UC Berkeley) and work in the manufacturing and food industry, Ann worked in high tech Silicon Valley as an entrepreneur. Their paths crossed again in China, and in 2008 Adil and Ann co-founded uibek Dairy Products, realizing Adil’s childhood dream of running a dairy products company.

Like the make-up of its name, uibek symbolizes inclusion and fusion of different cultures. uibek employs people of multiple ethnic groups in Xinjiang and multiple nationalities across the globe. The common goal shared by everyone is making safe and natural dairy products. uibek uses milk from cows raised in the polution free foothills of the Heavenly Mountain and combines centuries old dairy products culture of the Uighur and Central Asian steppes people with modern technology and business practices. uibek products are completely pure and natural with no additives or preservatives.

uibek is supported by a group of socially conscious alumni from Tsinghua University and UC Berkeley, two great university in China and the US shared by Adil and Ann.